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How to know the WordPress theme a blog is using

How to know the wordpress theme a blog is using
How to know the WordPress theme a blog is using

As you know ‘beauty gets the attention’ that also applies to blogging in a way.  A good looking blog gets the attention of visitors making them want to spend more time on your blog. The one problem WordPress users encounter is selecting the right WordPress theme for their blog, with so many options to choose from, selecting the right theme becomes a daunting task as you find it very difficult to pick one.

I guess you must have stumbled upon a WordPress blog and you fall in love with the theme then you say to yourself “this is the perfect theme for my blog”. But finding the name of that theme seems like a hard task for you. Today, I will be sharing various ways that can help you find the WordPress theme being used by any blog, so you can easily download it, then install on your blog to give your blog that feel that suits your taste.

Before we proceed I will have to let you know, you might see a great looking theme on someone’s blog, after you get details about the theme and purchase it, it might not look exactly as the one you saw on the blog that made you go for the theme in the first place. What you have to know is, most bloggers use popular theme frameworks but their designs are custom developed, so don’t get too disappointed when you notice things like this. Anyway the good thing is, bloggers who customize their designs are very few so you don’t have to worry much because 89% of bloggers use the theme the way they bought it, so after you find out the name of the theme they use, that makes the rest a lot more easier.

Without wasting time, lets see how we can know the theme a wordpress blog is using….

Using Third Party Tools:

Getting to know a wordpress theme name using third party tools is very easy and If you are a non technical blogger then I recommend you try this, all you have to do is input the wordpress blogs URL and these tools will give you information about the blogs theme and plugins.

You can try WhatWpthemeisthat or WPThemedetector e.t.c

Checking Theme Source code:

This is another way to get the theme name but this requires a little technical skill to pull off, so Follow the Steps below to get the name of the wordpress theme:

  • Load the blog that has the theme you want with your browser
  • Right click anywhere on the page then select “View page source” to get the source code of that page
  • Try locating the CSS file (Style.css). Its normally located in “/wp-content/themes” folder. To do this easily: click CTRL + F on windows or CMD + F on Mac, then type “Style.CSS”.
  • Now double click and copy the whole link in which the style.CSS is located to a new tab or windows on your browser (See the image below)
Copy The CSS URL
Copy The CSS URL
  • You should now be on the style file and the name of the wordpress theme should be at the top like this:
The blog name at the top

But if after trying both tricks above and you still didn’t get the name of the theme (Maybe the blog owner went extra miles to change the name), Don’t Worry there is still one last thing to do:

Ask the blog owner:

Maybe the tricks listed above did not help you identify the name of the wordpress theme, you can easily use the contact form on the blog (if there is any, otherwise find the blog email address) to contact the blog owner.  Ask him or her in a polite but professional way about the theme on the blog. Bloggers like me will be happy to answer such questions.

Using Google Search:

Actually this option works for people who are trying to get wordpress theme name of popular blogs, this makes it easy because many people try getting that particular theme and people go extra miles to get it and post it on their blog. So Google search  the term “Wordpress theme similar to (Blog Name)”. if the blog is truly popular you will get good results even if you don’t get the particular theme you will get the look-alike.

So Goodluck with finding the perfect theme for you blog, the methods listed above are the ones I have tried and they worked for me.

I guess its time to pass the keyboard to you, If you know any other method please share in the comment box so we all can learn from you.

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