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Top 7 best selling Fiverr gigs : 2017 Edition

No doubts Fiverr is the most visited freelance marketplace in the world and that’s the more reason why it’s a good way to make money online but it’s difficult for new sellers to make many sales because Top sellers are already dominating the site. If you are new to Fiverr don’t worry I will give you the key to Making more money on Fiverr with my list of the best selling Fiverr gigs

Best selling Fiverr gigs
Best selling Fiverr gigs

We all will like to be among the people pulling out the real cash from Fiverr so I am going to list out the Best selling Fiverr gigs. These gigs sell like hot cakes thereby creating a room for people who are just starting up to Earn cool cash.

Without wasting your time let’s hop straight onto the top 7 best selling Fiverr gigs on Fiverr.

Some gigs are much more profitable than other for two main reasons:

  1. These gigs have higher demands. The more the demand from buyers the more the chance for new sellers to make sales.
  2. You can offer these gigs for more than $5 and make hundreds or even thousands of dollars from them, simply because the price varies depending on what the buyer needs.

Best Selling Fiverr Gigs

Below are the top 7 best selling gigs on Fiverr that you can offer and make more sales


If your place of expertise is graphic designing then that’s a thumb up for you as you can earn a good income just by creating logo’s, banners and other graphic works on Fiverr.


This gig requires no expertise.So if you have a camera, a nice video location and speak fluently then you can make cool money from Fiverr. How?  By offering to make Testimonial Videos. Business individuals demand testimonial videos about their products and services. So getting these tasks done will earn you some cool cash. Looking good too contributes to your buyer activities.


Do you have a way of making people visit a website or other online platforms??? If yes, then you can earn some cool cash by just sending web traffic (visitors) to people’s websites, sales page,  profiles, social media pages e.t.c.

WRITING:  If you are a good writer then you can offer to make a professional write-up for individuals, companies or even blog owners and earn some $$ for every article you write.


We know Google translator is not perfect in anyway. So if you can speak and write in two or more popular languages then most international business personnel will be interested in your gig.


If you have a large social media following then you can make money from that too. By helping people post about their products, services, events and more on your pages.


This is one gig that makes tons of sales on Fiverr. If you can tell creative stories, why not make money from that by offering it as a Gig on Fiverr?? Get to it right away.


Now Your Turn

The above-listed gigs are listed out based on my thoughts so if you have any question please Use the comment box below and also, share other Fiverr gigs that bring tons of buyers.

Your comment might help other readers improve their Fiverr freelancing and marketing services

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