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Hello, here on WealthyFlamez I accept a guest post that is closely related to the topics or categories listed below:

* Make Money Online
* Blogging Tips
* Marketing Tips
* Technology e.t.c

However, for your guest post to appear on wealthy Flamez Blog there are certain requirements to be met:

1. Your post must be well written. Keyword stuffed post(too much re-occurrence of the same keyword) will be rejected.

2. Post written for advertisement purposes are not accepted as guest posts. If you intend to place an advert on Wealthy Flamez Blog use the contact page or mail us directly using our official mail:

3. Post with too many external links will be rejected. Only links relevant to the post and guest poster’s blog are to be included in the content.

4. The post must be original and should not have appeared on any other blog before submission.

5. If your post is accepted, you must be available to answer questions thrown by the readers. and it is advisable to share your post to your friends, loved ones, and colleague.

If your post/content meets the above mention requirement, then you can go ahead and contact us or send us a mail to with mail subject title as “Guest Post Request ”.

I will contact you to inform you if or not your post will be published on Wealthy Flamez Blog. This might take a little while as I will have to go through the post and check the authenticity, please exercise patience as I will surely get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you.

Note: I reserve the right to edit the post if needed E.g. fix spelling or grammar errors. and to reject post If I feel it’s not appropriate for this website.

I will be glad to have your post published as our next update.

Wealthy Flamez.