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How to write outstanding blog posts

writing outstanding blog posts

Struggling with dishing out blog posts or contents especially on a daily basis can be very frustrating and overwhelming.

This is even more critical for someone like me that has to replicate my contents on different platforms every single day, From my Learning Community to my personal Blog, to my mentoring Platform. This can be a very tasking thing to do, so, how do I manage to get outstanding blog posts and contents every single day for each of these platforms and still keep up with chats, and yes, other daily routines?

You see, this is where planning and strategizing comes in. This is where structuring becomes really essential in your content delivery.

Here’s what I do …

  1. Categorise content:

Having first had clarity on what my contents should always be about, as I walk, travel, read, work or even watch movies, I view it from the angle of my message to grab a few lessons that are teachable.

I divide my blog posts into sectors for every single day. Like, Monday for Business and Entrepreneurship, Tuesday for Media and Information, Wednesday for Marketing, Thursday for…….. Just like that.

Having done this, I make sure to have a page (on paper) where I jot down the contents I pick up daily to how hey fit it into each day’s theme.

  1. Read what other writers write:

I buy and read books and articles from other writers addressing issues on each of these daily theme, and I read the book that addresses Tuesday’s theme the day before, what I actually mean is this; lets assume am to write on media and information on Tuesday, I read a book or an article on media and information on a Monday evening To keep my mind fresh and ready for Tuesday’s post/content.

  1. Always research on what you write about:

Knowing that I have to write to an audience on a particular topic, I take more time researching on that topic because you can’t make a good blog post on a topic you know just a little or nothing about. So I advise you take you to make an in-depth research on the topic you will write on next, I also have a number of people I follow their teachings online to keep my mind fresh and learn from their content delivery styles.

Note: All the points listed above is how I develop my contents

Meanwhile, I look forward to learning from you too as I hope to have you share some of your own strategies for consistent content development.

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  1. Got sucked into your write up for the last few hours. Great tips and very easy to understand. You look at this topic from far more than one view point. I am shocked at how fast your write up loaded on my cell phone.

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