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Stores to sell your products online for free

sell products online free
sell products online free

Are you a marketer looking for a store to sell your products online free or  for little cost?? Or you have belongings you feel are not useful and you have been thinking of selling them to people who need them in exchange for cash??  How does it feel to know that you can actually sell product online free of charges?? When I say free I mean 100% free!!

The question on the mind of any marketer is where and how to sell their products fast, so I decided to make a list of e-commerce websites that you can actually advertise and sell your products for little or no cost. Without wasting time, I will make a short list in no particular order to help you achieve marketing goals.

Here’s my list:

  1. Jiji

jiji logo sell products online free
jiji logo


No doubt is a fast-growing marketplace backed by and was founded in 2014, on you are allowed to post classified adverts for free. On Jiji you can actually post adverts with images and also update or move your advert to top position for a little fee to get maximum efficiency from selling, you also get calls and messages from a potential buyer. have over 150,000 adverts and get over 4.6 million visits per month making it a good option to post your adverts since it will give your products the needed exposure.

To post free adverts on Jiji you can visit => Sell On JIJI

  1. Konga

Konga logo
Konga logo

Konga .com  which was launched in July 2012 with the mission to become the engine of commerce and trade in Africa.  Being one of Nigeria’s largest online stores, Konga went ahead to announce the possibility for other merchants to sell their products on their website. An advantage is that konga have a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially.

Visit  Konga store to start selling => Sell On Konga

  1. OLX

OLX Logo
OLX Logo

On OLX you can sell virtually everything including your personal belongings that you no longer use. The OLX platform is one of the most interesting marketplaces online because you don’t  only get to sell products online, you can also render services, yes! With OLX you get a 2 in 1 opportunity.

OLX is a hotspot for freelancers too. With OLX buyers can find sellers within their location, therefore, making your transaction easier and faster.

You can post a free advert on OLX using this link => Sell On OLX 


Boost your marketing business now with the list above for free you might be charged a little fee to get an upgrade for better services but for low budget business you can actually use their free service and still get sales, but I recommend you try out their paid adverts since it gives your products more exposure.



Now your Turn

If you know any other free platform that one can advertise and sell products online for free kindly use the comment box. Let’s all learn from each other. See you in the comment section.

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