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How do I get JAMB past questions??” every Now and then, I get this questions from friends and family. So I decided to publish an article on how and where to get the perfect JAMB past questions and answers.

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Probably you have been searching the internet for some time now on how and where to get JAMB past questions and answers, if I guessed right then you must have seen some options but my questions goes thus, “How trusted are those sources?”, “how sure are you that those are real jamb questions?”.  You don’t have to answer those questions. Though am not saying they are not trusted but all am saying is its better to get JAMB past questions from the right source to avoid penalties and failure.

JAMB past questions and answer are only provided by government examination centers and other authorized companies like MyPastQuestions.com. This means it’s illegal for non government officials to provide JAMB past questions and answers. Trust me you won’t like to patronize illegal products and files, as we all know penalties and fines are attached.


People go around claiming to be certified examination officials but to the best of my knowledge their plans are to rip you of your money or waste your time. Trust me when I tell you that I have been a victim too so you need to avoid making the mistakes I made back then. “How do I avoid those mistakes?” you may ask. Worry less as the purpose of this article is to give you directives as to where and how to get JAMB past questions and answers from the right source.

The only trusted source for JAMB past questions and answers is MyPastQuestions.com.

mypastquestion ( JAMB past questions )
mypastquestion ( JAMB past questions )

MyPastQuestions.com is a government certified platform for all exams past questions and answers; they provide you with both free and paid services. Their services are 100% original and satisfying.

Guess what? You can get your JAMB past questions and answers Downloadable in PDF. That means you don’t really need a pen and a paper to get this done, you can actually download and study on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. Cool Right?

Did I also mention, that after I got ripped off my money for the second time, MyPastQuestions.com official approached me telling me the truth about how real past questions are gotten and how to stay save from rippers, am actually writing this to show my appreciation for the help and guidance  him and his other officials offered during my exams.


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If you have any questions on how to use the platform, you can use the comment box below or get in touch with me for guidance.


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